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Welcome to  48th International Viola Congress Salaya,Thailand

June 6-10, 2023

Thailand Viola Society

College of Music, Mahidol University

First Time IVC in Asia

Join us for the first ever International Viola Congress in

Asia. Highlighting the local talent for the international community. An event where MUSIC is WITHOUT BORDERS.

Image by Arindam Mahanta

Congress Theme: Music Without Borders

Music Without Borders represents music that transcends geographical and psychological boundaries. Viola music that pushes the envelop of sound and represents the cutting edge of music performance. The International Viola Congress Thailand hopes to welcome all individuals to enjoy the tranquil venue setting, while being transported aurally with the best performers the global community offers.

Featured Guest Violist

Guest Solo Recital

Master Class with Ettore Causaausa


Performing Schumann's Cello Concerto in A minor, op. 129 (trans. Causa) 



The Venue

Mahidol University's College of Music, located in a western suburb of Bangkok, is a sprawling campus with many performance halls, classrooms, and meeting places all situated in a natural tropical setting that blends nature with stone, and wood buildings.

25/25 Phuttamonthon Sai 4, Phuttamonthon,


Salaya, Thailand 73170

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